Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - News

Updated the discography and added more pictures!
Returned from Northern Earth's 25th Anniversary moot. Some fascinating talks were delivered, in particular Dr. Vivienne Crawford's talk on Anglo-Saxon herbals, Jeff Saward's photographic essay on labyrinths, and Paul Devereux' discussion of Corpse Roads and Fairy Paths. A few snaps from Sunday's wander around Rombald's Moor are here.

'The Hieroglyphic Mountain' has been scaled! Six new tracks recorded in the wilds of North Yorkshire:

1. Wind Quartets/Hieroglyphic Mountain
2. New Light at Thornborough
3. Nick's Drone
4. Blue Man in the Moss
5. Dew Transmitter
6. Chapel of Infinite Echo

This is probably going to be released on a different label... details sketchy at the moment! To celebrate, I've uploaded some new pictures.


The second XETB gig went really well, one of those with an open heart described 'A Luna Tune' as an almost 'religious' experience! I'm touched - hopefully this will be released in the future. I have added some pictures of the gig. Thanks for coming along - and many thanks to the sound guy! The set list - all new material specially written for the evening, except for the cover versions:

1. Banishing Ritual
2. Primitive British Head Cult
3 . Turn to Earth (Yardbirds cover)
4 . A Luna Tune
5 . Book of Appin
6 . Runes and Men (Death in June cover)

After a hiatus during the unusually cold winter, the muse has returned! A new album is in the works - for which I am currently traversing the freezing leys of North Yorkshire.