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Memoires of an Aesthete MOA LP03
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
The Pyrognomic Glass

1. Abital
2. Rorasa

Music for dusk and dawn. Completed Spring Equinox 2005.
Reissue of 2005's pair of long tracks from opposing ends of Wharfedal, recorded at opposing sides of the year and at opposing hours of the day. Comes with the first printing of ABITAL, sequel to Psychogeographia Ruralis.

A review of the original CDr on Foxy Digitalis is here.

12" LP £11..50
Ltd. 250

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Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Full Moon June

1. Stone' Circle Spirit
2. Full Moon June
3. Flying Saucer Shin
4. Ultra-Telluric Respiring God
5. The Feast of Bwcca-Du


The original XETB recording, made in 2001 in Cornwall while visiting ancient sites such as Men-an-Tol and Boskednan, and North Yorkshire.

CDr £2.50

English Heretic
Wyrd Tales

1. Season of the Witches' Glove
2. Pan Satyros
3. The Digitalis Experience
4. Theme from the Abraxas Inheritance
5. The Menabilly Pathworking
6. O Whistle and I'll Come to You
7. The Vampires Are Coming/Minion of the Outer Ones

CD and 92 page book detailing the hallucinations and investigations of English Heretic. XETB collaborate on a sonic investigation of MR James' "Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad", recorded on Felixstowe Beach. See what the MR James newsletter had to say. The best introduction to what English Heretic is all about!

CD and Book £10

The Neon Death Slittes
One Madness More has been Given unto Man...

1. The Death Angel Skronk
2. Dislocated Drug Death Blues
3. Mournin' Chorus
4. Bad Vibrations


Four tracks of deathly primitive, utterly wasted guitar/drum drone from Phil Thanateros and Kate Comatose.

CDr £2.00