Larkfall CDr Series

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
The Suffolk Workings

1. Some Cosmic Rubicon [mp3]
2. A Prince Occidental
3. Bronze Codex
4. Last Voyage for the King of Swords
5. Aldaraia
6. A Donwich Dirge [mp3]
7. Abre Grinstet [mp3]

Atmospheric psychogeographic experiments partly recorded in Suffolk during the summer of 2002, at Blythburgh church, Southwold and Dunwich beach. A trip through primitive drones, Cabaret Voltaire-esque monologue and broken accordions on the beach.

CDr £4.50

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
New Etheric Muse

1. Under the Earth, Deep in the Soil
2. Amongst the Grasses and the Dews
3. Astrophel the Rustic Lasses Love [mp3]
4. A Lyke Wake Dirge [mp3]
5. High Above the Pastures [mp3]
6. Fire in the Water (Phoenix Takes Flight)

First new XETB recording of 2003, more slowly unfolding ether-folk recorded around the spring equinox in North Yorkshire, at Crimple Valley and Brimham Rocks.

CDr £4.50

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
A Selenographic Lens

1. Bogle Burn
2. Alchemy at Kutna Hora
3" cdr, limited to 31 copies.
Two long improvisations of a more abstract nature than usual.
A Northumbrian evocation and a meditation on the Sedlec ossuary (Czech Republic), as filmed by Jan Svankmajer.

Sold out - available as mp3 download below!
The North Sea & Xenis Emputae Travelling Band split cdr

1. Sun Dried Ashes [mp3]
2. Tangello
3. Polished Teeth
4. Three Ostrich Plumes Proper [mp3]
5. Moly [mp3]
6. Turning to Face the Western Oak
7. British Primitive Music [mp3]
8. Chwyfleian and the Projection of John
Brad Rose's The North Sea provide four improvised tracks, by turns appropriately nautical droning and sunny guitar strums. XETB offer four more tracks of ether-folk from Phil's continuing psychic travelogue.

CDr £4.50

The Pneumatic Consort & Johann Wlight split cdr

1. Evening Draws In [mp3]
2. Away, With Bold Faith and Hearty Desire
3. Hazel Wand
4. Conjuration
5. Shee Will Shew Manie Delusions
6. A Faire Parlour
7. To Hir Honour and Glorie, My Blessed Virgin [mp3]
8. Thee Gold of a Thousand Mournings [mp3]

The Pneumatic Consort is a XETB side project exclusively using recorders and flutes. Primitive intuitive music for the summer twilight - seven pieces relating to the fairy Sibylia, recorded in graveyards and attics. Suffolk's Johann Wlight offers a long track of ultra-melancholic drift with birdscong and doleful tape manipulation.

CDr £4.50

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Stella & Astrophel

1. Voarchadumia
2. Allogenes [mp3]
3. Stella [mp3]
4. Astrophel

Limited to 32 copies, initially sold at XETB's show in Athens. 32 minutes of mystical pastoralism. Limited numbers remain - please email in advance to confirm whether copies are still available!

Sold out - sorry!
Available from Woven Wheat Whispers!

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band & Jani Hellén split cdr

1. Water Invocation
2. Horizon of Eternity [mp3]
3. Gástan [mp3]
4. Paluu Vasempaan Kammioon [mp3]

Three tracks of minimal, elemental meditation from XETB and one long piece of captivating synth manipulation from Jani Hellén (this is, I think only his second eponymous release after a split with Uton).

CDr £4.50

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
A Prism for Annwn cdr

1. Annwn Rising
2. Care Color
3. Bet Sant yn Diuant abet Allawr [mp3]
4. A Prism for Annwn [mp3]
5. Skyreholme
6. Epilogue: Lord Jesus, When I Think of Thee [mp3]

Latest XETB full length, recorded in Autumn 2005 around the valleys and caves of Wharfedale. One five part evocation of the otherworld, followed by a long improvisation around the music to a hymn by Richard Rolle.

CDr £4.50

Various Artists
Reynardine: The Visits of Mister Fox

1. Reynardine’s Dance - Xenis Emputae Travelling Band [mp3]
2. Prelati’s Grimoire: The Book of Werewolves – Fulcanelli
3. Child Destruction – Violence Beyond the Snowline
4. Smile Like a Knife – Remora [mp3]
5. In Reynard’s Garden – Far Black Furlong
6. Memory Rides Like A Fox – throuRoof
7. The Slaying of Cuwaert – Where Rivers End [mp3]
8. Mellow Harm - Lanterns
9. Hulijing Shadow Theater - Medroxy Progesterone Acetate
10. Château-Château - él-g [mp3]
11. In Reynard’s House – Far Black Furlong
12. Howl – The Day of the Antler
13. R & F: Soplo Animador – Anla Courtis
14. Wide Dark Smile – Mike Seed
Thirteen musical projects spanning the folk/drone/experimental world provide their interpretations of vulpine mythology. Click here for more info.

CDr £4.50

The Pneumatic Consort
Grotto Grove and Shrine

1. Field Prayer I [mp3]
2. Field Prayer II
3. Astral Bell [mp3]
4. Hocroel
5. The Projection of Breath
6. Field Prayer III
7. Nameless Stream
8. IAO
9. Sibyllia [mp3]
10. Grotto Grove and Shrine [mp3]
11. The Liminal Messenger

Almost one hour of new Pneumatic Consort material, concentrating on woodwind instruments, with the addition of harmonium and voice - although occasionally a violin and tamborine have managed sneak in too... Recorded in 2006 on the moors, in overgrown woods, caves and churches around Yorkshire and Cornwall

CDr £4.50

Larkfall MP3 Series (Free downloads)

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Under a Soular Moon

1. Hand of Glory [mp3]
2. Black Moon Mother [mp3]
3. The Moon Bog [mp3]
4. Whirl Dub [mp3]
5. Adocentyn [mp3]
6. Crystal Sun Orpheus [mp3]
7. Terraetheric Gnosis [mp3]
8. Verbeia [mp3]
9. The Spiral Path [mp3]

Second, seminal XETB release, recorded in Autumn/Winter 2001 and released on Tm-Industries in early 2002. Dark, sparse ambient recordings . "[L]o-fi electronics in a highly ambient and psychedelic mood. Synths, metallic sounds, slowed down voices and flutes, all drenched in a highly reverbed sound, which evoke an alienated atmosphere." - Vital Online
All files 192kbps 44kHz stereo.

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Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
A Selenographic Lens

1. Bogle Burn [mp3]
2. Alchemy at Kutna Hora [mp3]

MP3 version of the limited 3" cdr released in 2004.

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Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Lords of the Green Grass

1. Shine Abroad Brightly [mp3]
2. Holly King [mp3]
3. Thoughts of Maytime [mp3]
4. By Silverhand Stream [mp3]
5. King Herla [mp3]
6. Bare Bones [mp3]

MP3 reissue of a 2003 album, originally released on Queasy Listening.

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Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Goat Willow

1. Goat Willow [mp3]

MP3 reissue of 2005 3" cdr,
originally released on Barl Fire recordings.

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