Near Complete Discography 2001-2009

A few people have asked for some kind of complete discography of projects I've been involved with. I might have forgotten a few things, but here we go… - Phil

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
2001 Full Moon June, No label
2001 Under a Soular Moon, TM-Industries
2002 The Suffolk Workings, Larkfall
2003 New Etheric Muse, Larkfall
2003 Lords of the Green Grass, Queasy Listening
2004 The Hieroglyphic Mountain, Deserted Village
2004 A Selenographic Lens, Larkfall (ltd. 32)
2005 The North Sea & XETB split, Larkfall
2005 Toadsman's Bell, Digitalis Industries
2005 The Pyrognomic Glass, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2005 Goat Willow, Barl Fire
2006 Heard Gripe Hrusan, 23 Productions
2006 Stella & Astrophel, Larkfall (ltd. 32)
2006 Jani Hellén & XETB split, Larkfall
2006 A Prism for Annwn, Larkfall
2007 Gamaaea, Beyond Repair Records (ltd. 50)
2007 XETB/Ashtray Navigations split, Absurd (ltd. 30)
2008 The Crooked Pool, Ikuisuus (ltd. 120)
2009 The Pyrognomic Glass, vinyl re-release, Memoires of an Aesthete (ltd. 250)


The Neon Death Slittes
2003 One Madness More Has Been Given Unto Man…, Oneiros
2006 Birds of Delay & NDS split cd, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2007 Ashtray Navigations, Sonic Temple Assassins and Neon Death Slittes split, Oneiros
2008 The Grim War of Chaos Magick, First Person

The Pneumatic Consort
2005 The Pneumatic Consort & Johann Wlight split, Larkfall
2007 Grotto Grove and Shrine, Larkfall
AAAAA (pronounced 'pentalpha')
2006 I Saw A Woman Sitting, No label (ltd. 15)
Xenis Emputae
2002 The Senoi Sound Archive, Vol. 1, Queasy Listening
2006 An Arcanum of Owls, No label (ltd. 10)
With Ashtray Navigations
2006 Sky Whine, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2006 Cante Jodido Lookalike Contest, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2006 Chronique du Nord, Smoker's Gifts
2006 Exotic Toilet Tour, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2006 Dirt Mummies and Bloody Amps, Freenoise
2006 Red Culture, Memoirs of an Aesthete
2006 Tapwater Locomotive Deluxe, Smoker's Gifts
2007 Ashtray Navigations, Sonic Temple Assassins and Neon Death Slittes split, Oneiros
2007 Pubbores, No label (ltd. 30)
2008 Idiot Music Lavatory Floor, No label
2008 Snakestrings/Hollywood Taught you to Kiss, No label
2008 Red Culture, vinyl re-release, Memoires of an Aesthete
2008 New Fashions in Toilet Training, No label (with Neil Campbell)
2009 Sugar Head Record, Deep Water
With Churinga Canaries
2006 Churinga Canaries, Memoirs of an Aesthete (vinyl re-release, Qbico records, 2009)
2009 Churinga Canaries, vinyl re-release, Qbico Records
With English Heretic
2006 English Heretic Annual 2006, Woven Wheat Whispers (on Open the Mithraic Stargate)
2006 Wyrd Tales, English Heretic (on Oh Whistle And I'll Come To You)
2007 Visitor Guides: Your Passport to the Qliphoth (on Open the Mithraic Stargate & The Brundish Horror)
2009 Tales of the New Isis Lodge (on Rite of Kepra)
With Aossic Argonaut
2003 Rhyme of the Ancient Marina, Queasy Listening
With Buddhist of Assassin
2003 The Cellar of Niantiel, Queasy Listening (vocal on Journal Of A Vague Disease)
With Sonic Temple Assassins
2005 Impact!, We Burn Records (vocal/lyrics on Hissing Sun)
2005 Mandolin Records Compilation (XETB - Lichen Virgin)
2006 Gold Leaf Branches, Digitalis Industries (XETB - Song from a Wasted Orchard)
2007 Reynardine: The Visits of Mister Fox, Larkfall (XETB - Reynard's Dance)
2007 Sing With Me: Music for the Human Voice, Harha-Askel (XETB & Jani Hellén - The Secret Gregorian Plugin)
Printed Matter
2008 Psychogeographia Ruralis, Larkfall Press
2008 I Wasn't Johann Wlight (Either): The Death, Resurrection and Disappearance of J.W. (in A Great Magazine), Sloow Tapes
2008 Tuba Veneris and the Occult Tradition: An Overview (in
The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus), Waning Moon Publications
2009 ABITAL: Meetings with the Genii of Diurnal and Nocturnal Dew, Larkfall Press